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Are you a Pagan living in the D.C. area and can’t find any good books about your craft? Well the wait is over. Last Saturday evening the Open Hearth Foundation (OHF) officially launched the OHF Pagan Library. This event marks the opening of one of the first Pagan libraries in the country. It houses a  collection of (tangible) books, periodicals, & artifacts that are available. At the moment the collection consisted of more than 3,000 titles, 250 tarot decks, and 40 different periodical and newsletter series.

The official opening of the OHF Pagan Library is the culmination of over 10 years of fundraising, collecting & organizing books and safely storing them until a space could be found to house it all. Since signing a lease for the space in October 2011, volunteers have logged over 1,500 hours organizing the collection, as well as preparing the physical space–painting, moving furniture, assembling shelves, and installing lighting.

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