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4 oz. of glorious almond sugar scrub. With honey and tea tree oil. This softens skin and the tea tree oil adds antibacterial proprieties to it.

I threw a huge batch together for my step mom (I would normally use almond oil but she doesn’t like it but she does like almond extract, hence the extract instead. IDK man.)

And because I’m a mother fucking witch I threw in feels about restoration, rest, and relaxation.

Click the photo to go to the sugar scrub’s page. OR go here for the shop itself.

Note: I only have the one bottle made up but can offer the spare (in the shorter jar) in a bag or smaller jar. Just let me know.)

If there’s an interest in this, I can expand the line to include more fun and witchy things. I also make bathing salts and other things like that but there wasn’t enough for the shop.

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    I don’t know how but I forgot to mention there’s a sale on in the shop. 15% off when you use the code WINTER.
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