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Essentially I'm a ball of wibbly wobbly witchy writingy hermit witch seer with cats and the internet.

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  • Do a divination and reading
  • Update shop
  • Eat at some point
  • Wander around the yard snapping photos because wtf yard how are you even growing this shit? Where did it come from?
  • Rant to the cat about how much I hate hostas. 
  • Bitch about the humidity + pre-rain combo we’ve got going on
  • Set fire to the rain
  • Laundry. Maybe. 
  • Scowl angrily at the direction Doctor Who is going in. 
  • Play the identify this! game
  • Since I hated the last game plow through ME3. 

Today’s the kind of day where you’re headbutted by flying insects. True story.

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