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As my khalessar knows, I work with my Ouija board pretty often. Every time I write about it, I get a message in my inbox asking me about the dangers of working with the Ouija board. My answer is always “The Ouija board is a tool and, if you’re a tool too, bad things can happen.” But, that’s not a very complete answer—so, when I was asked if I would make a post about safely use a Ouija board, I thought it would be a great thing for me to have in my index for later reference. 

The Ouija is a Tool 

The Ouija board is cardboard or wood. Its indicator is glass or plastic. It’s not evil; it’s an object. It’s not inherently powerful on its own; it’s board game. And it’s not going to hurt you. It only has the power you give it. The board has absolutely no power over you. You control it—not the other way around. 

That being said, the Ouija board is one tool. Don’t put your full faith or trust in it. Like with any other experience you may have, refer to other methods divination and research to validate or support what you learn from the board. Keep your mind open. Remember that divination can lie. Spirits can lie. Your body can lie. And so can your mind. (Yes, the human brain is a liar! You might not feel your arm moving the indicator; but it could be.)

Setting Up for Success and Safety

For some people it is important to have a ritual space in which to use their Ouija board. For my students and me, any old space on the floor will do. Make sure that the room is clean and cleansed; or that it meets your usual working conditions. Comfort is important. 

When you’re working with a Ouija board, you don’t need anything else. Lighting candles can help with the build up of energy (as can turning off the lights). Leaving out libations and offerings can help get your guests attention and willing participation. 

You don’t need to change anything from your normal witchcraft routine. If you normally cast a circle, do so. If you normally, wear protective jewelry, put it on. If you’re worried about the unlikely possibility of possession, wear a blessed stone or anchor charm around your neck.

Safety In Numbers 

The Ouija board is meant to be used as part of a group. Not alone. However, you should be careful who you invite to play with you. Bring only people who you can trust not to pull one over on you. The human brain makes it easy enough for us to do that to ourselves without having untrustworthy folks around.

Everyone should place their fingers lightly on the indicator. This means that sometimes, the indicator will move out from under your hands. Don’t freak out. That just means you’re not moving it on your own. That old superstition about not taking your hand off the indicator before the end is BS.

Feeling Safe is Important 

Think about what normally makes you feel safe during your other work. Do you call on a god or goddess for protection? Do you cast a spell for protection? Or use energy to put up shields?

Follow your normal protective procedures. Do whatever makes you feel safe and at ease, because feeling safe and grounded is a good way to make sure you get an accurate session and have a good time. 

Protective Prayer Example:

[God/Goddess/Spirit’s Name], I invite you to our space to watch over or Ouija board session and keep us safe throughout. Give us comfort in your presence and the knowledge that we are watched over. Give us the wisdom to discern the spirits from tricks of our minds. And give us the strength to banish if we need to. We ask for protection, clarity of mind, and comfort. 

Protection Spell for Ouija Sessions:

  1. Drape your work surface in a black cloth and place your Ouija board in its center.
  2. Place one of the following on each side of the board: Nails (for protection from harmful spirits), myrhh (for clarity of mind), cedar (for communication from the dead), mugwort (for communication to the dead)
  3. Light a white candle in the room, saying: 

    We light this candle to invoke the blessing of protection on the house and the participants of this ritual. 

  4. Light a black candle in the room, saying:

    We light this candle to keep away any spirit that means us harm. 

  5. Sit down. Begin

Ground Rules

Another possible way to make your session safer is by opening it with ground rules. For example:

We are here to communicate with the spirits of the dead. You are welcome to contact us, but you may not hurt us. We ask you for honesty, and we will give respect in return. You are welcome in this circle now, but must return to your origin when we end our session. 


Spirits lie. Your partners lie. If something on the board upsets you, double-check it before you get upset. Even if it doesn’t upset you, double check it. Be skeptical. Analyze. 

Remember, know your mental health norms and be aware of them through your session. 

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