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Hello my name is Kiki and I like to try and rub my face against hands covered in surgical gloves dripping in toxins and peppers.

"Witches and Dating ft. Kiki the Siamese cat"

So some spell witchy tip on dating for witches. There was a lot of ways this video could have gone so I just rambled. 

I could ramble more on the topic, if requested. Not just in video but text too.

Asker Anonymous Asks:
Will you be relisting the "10 Question Divination, Scrying, Throw-the-Bones, Pendulum Reading" on your etsy? And will your cat be making more videos that you co-star in? :D
thiscrookedcrown thiscrookedcrown Said:

Yes. I didn’t even know it wasn’t up until I saw this ask! It’s located here.

EDIT: Because Kiki decided to kick the ask closed. I’m thinking yes. It’s up to them usually but I’ll try to do more videos while they’re around.

Kiki the cat snores louder than she purrs. 

Pfft. She wanted to watch Dirty Jobs apparently. Which is cool. I put a fishy episode on for her. She seems to like it well enough as she’s sitting on the bed and purring.

Kiki decided she was cold.

Kiki decided she was cold. And wasn’t having that shit. So she crawled under my blankets.

She’s also not making that derpy face at the camera. She’s making it in real life too.

Cat, you are too ridiculous to be real.

  • Scene: The cat and I fighting over who gets to sit closest to the electric heater.
  • Kiki: Yeowwwwwl. [Translation: "I'm cold"]
  • Me: Bitch, I'm cold too. Move over. You have a fur coat.
  • Kiki: Nnugh. [Translation: "But I'm still cold. You have boots on.]
  • Me: That can be remedied. *takes boots off, throws them out of the room into the kitchen* Now move the fuck over.
  • Kiki: *whimper*

I don’t know what to do with all this love so I’m going to hug the cat and pretend she’s you all.

She’s very confused by this development.

Kiki gets cold so I crocheted her a scarf. She loves it.

Kiki gets cold so I crocheted her a scarf. She loves it.



Cats. This is not how you art.

Angry Cats

Silence, human!
We are Cats.
We art however we damned well please!

Ok. So you see those two dark pointed things sandwiching the tan? That’s my cat’s head.

Kiki has a love of heat. She’s addicted to it. She’ll sit on the turtle’s heating lamp until her feet are hot to the touch. We try to stop her. Well, I don’t have heat in my flat. I use the space heater shaped like a fireplace above. When I turn it on she’ll flock to it and sit as close as possible.

Kiki also has a issues with being away from me. She’ll follow me everywhere, even into the bathroom and sit outside the shower. As a Siamese, if I don’t let her do that, she’ll howl loudly enough for the neighborhood to hear.

No, it’s not a problem. She doesn’t get stressed out; she just wanders around meowing until she can locate me or until someone pays attention to her. She’s a reasonably balanced cat, considering she hasn’t a lick of common sense and she’s a pure bred.

Anyway, these two traits of her combined tonight. She wanted to be next to the heater but within sight of me. This was her compromise. She’s facing my direction but warmed by the heater. She can’t see me but she knows I’m there.

Cat, you are something else.

I side-eye anyone who says my cat is dumb. She knows exactly where the vent on my computer is so it’s putting out warmth. She knows that if she puts her head on the keyboard I will have to pet her, at least for a moment, to push her head gently away.

She also likes to watch TV. No joke.

Again, I side-eye the fuck out of anyone who says my cat is dumb. She clearly knows what’s up.